January 10 update

Introducing Performance Hub: Your All-in-One Dashboard with 1st-Party Attribution

summary-attribution__1_.pngDo you feel like growing your ecommerce business just keeps getting harder? You’re not alone. With constant changes to the digital marketing rules, and incomplete analytics, everyone’s feeling the pinch. 

Emotive wants to help you outsmart this chaotic system (and the competition). That’s why we’re excited to launch Performance Hub! Our new all-in-one dashboard with 1st-party attribution helps you save time, make better decisions, and grow faster.

  • One Source of Truth. Get the full picture of your marketing performance in one place, saving you hours of work. See analytics from Meta, Google, TikTok, SMS, email, influencer marketing + more coming soon!
  • Better Attribution. Our 1st-party pixel can tell you which channel actually drove a sale. No more double counting, no more second guessing. Now you can spend with confidence.
  • Actionable insights. We make it easy to see what’s working and what’s not to help you make data-driven decisions in real-time.

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October 31 update

ROI in app

Now it’s easy to understand the overall performance of your SMS channel—without any extra work! See your ROI on the analytics page, and right on the homepage too! Learn more about how Emotive calculates ROI here.




October 11 update

Detailed Analytics for Experiences


Now you can see individual message data for your Experiences! Spot the strengths and weaknesses of each flow, adjust where needed, and drive ROI even higher.

Just head over to Experiences and click on any campaign to view individual message data. Or you can learn more here.


October 10 update

Segment Updates


Emotive’s NEW Segment updates let you create, manage, and use your segments faster than ever before. Our goal? To save you time and maximize your ROI, setting your brand up for success this busy holiday season.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Favorite Segments. Select your most-used segments so they appear at the top of your segments page and the Broadcast wizard. 
  • Segment Search and Sort. Quickly find your segments with a new search bar, or sort your segments based on how often they’re used, size, and more.
  • Seamless Segment Creation. Duplicate a segment to speed up segment creation. Or select multiple attributes in the same condition to simplify the process.

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August 5 update

Name default for personalized Broadcasts

Did you know that personalized Broadcasts perform up to 20% better? Now it’s even easier to personalize your Broadcasts with a name default! Just add the <name> variable to your Broadcast, click on "name," and type in default word for subscribers without a name on their record. You can add “there,” friend,” or anything you want. Learn more here.



June 30 update

Recharge integration (Shopify brands)

Emotive's new integration with Recharge for Shopify brands can help you supercharge subscription growth. With Emotive + Recharge you can:

  • Grow Your Subscriptions. The integration lets you segment out non subscription customers so you can invite them to join via SMS.
  • Retain Subscription Customers. New Experience triggers allow you to create full lifecycle campaigns that lock in subscriptions.

Learn more about how to create new two-way Experiences and segmentation using your Recharge data here.



May 19 update

A/B Testing

The best way to optimize SMS marketing performance is to continuously test. You can now run an A/B test for any Broadcast copy and/or image!

Create a new Broadcast and then click "Create A/B test" to get started. You can also check out our article for step-by-step instructions.


April 19 update

Broadcast Updates

Now it's even easier to send Broadcasts! Check out the updated Broadcast page that lets you create and send Broadcasts in just two easy steps. Plus, it's now mobile-optimized so you can send on the go!


April 15 update

UTM Tracking

If you want to track traffic and sales with UTMs, but you don’t want the hassle of typing them out for each campaign, Emotive has the solution for you. We built a setting that allows you to automatically add UTMs to every campaign in just one click. Learn more here.


March 29 update

Experiences Enhancements - ROI analytics and improved flow builder

Now you can easily see the value of Experiences by viewing ROI and sales metrics for each of your two-way campaigns.


We’ve also made some performance improvements to the Experiences flow builder making it easier to navigate. Check out the updates here.

February 16 update

Experiences in Custom Report Builder

Slice and dice your Experiences data any way you want! Just head over to Reports, create a custom report, and select Experiences. Learn more here.


November 3 update

Custom Report Builder

Now you can view data any way you want with our custom report builder. Select your metrics, and even your timeframe. Learn more here.


October 28 update

Spend Alert

Easily manage your spend by setting an email alert! Just visit your billing page and click on “Set Alert.” Read more here.


October 21 updates

Broadcast Follow up

You can now easily send a follow up message to customers who received one of your Broadcasts but have not purchased. If you'd like to send a follow up for your next Broadcast, head to the Broadcast tab, turn on the toggle below, and follow the next steps!

Spend in App

Now you can easily track your spend in app! Just head over to your Analytics Dashboard and select “Spend” in the dropdown menu on the Revenue chart to see your spend over time.

Please note that the spend amount includes SMS and MMS cost, but currently does not include subscription fees, carrier fees, or any applicable discounts or credits.


October 14 update

One-click Experiences

We've made it easier than ever to activate our most popular Experiences. Head to the One-click Experiences page (can be accessed via the top of the Experiences tab) to get started. Select which Experiences you'd like to turn on and click Activate to start sending two-way campaigns. You can also view a preview before sending.


October 11 update

Attribution by Campaign

Now you can easily see where your sales are coming from on a campaign level. Just head over to the analytics dashboard and scroll down to the Attribution By Broadcast and Attribution By Experience charts. Then select the campaign name to see how your sales are being attributed.


October 7 update

Experience Entry Changes

You can now determine whether customers can enter an Experience once or multiple times. Selecting "more than once" allows shoppers to enter an Experience an unlimited number of times. Just head to the Experiences tab, select your template, and scroll down on the Settings page.


This does not apply to Signed up Experiences. Customers who enter a Signed up Experience will only receive that Experience once.

August 26th update

Signed up Trigger for Experiences

You can now select multiple Signups for the same Experience, making it easier to create two-way campaigns for new subscribers. You're also able to clone Signed up Experiences for faster campaign creation.


August 19th updates

Broadcast Templates

We’ve made it even easier to use our pre-written Broadcasts! Just tap on a template from our homepage (or an email from us) and the copy and image will populate your Broadcast. Next, simply customize, and send!


Image Library

Images can increase your click through rate by 52%! Now you can access free images and GIFs right from our library on the Broadcast page. Just click the link below the image upload, or directly here.



August 12th updates

Conversations Improvements

You asked, we listened. The Conversations All Messages tab is back! You can now view all your messages in one place and filter by unread, open, closed, and opted out. You're also now able to respond to any customer from any tab, including conversations that have been closed out.



August 4th updates

Automatic Image Resizing

We now compress images and .gifs for you automatically whenever you send a message. Simply upload your image and we'll do the rest! Get started by creating a Broadcast campaign.


Usage Alert

Now you can set an email alert to tell you when you’ve reached a certain message amount each month. No more surprises - and we do the tracking work for you! The alert will not automatically pause your campaigns, but you can pause them yourself at any time. Visit the billing page and click “Set Usage Alert.”


Two New Daily Reports

Now you can track your daily revenue, signups, and opt outs by source over the past 60 days. Head over to the reports tab under Analytics to see the new Daily Signups and Opt Outs and Daily Revenue reports.

Signups Chart

The new signups chart on the analytics dashboard shows you which channels are driving customers to your site, letting you know where to best direct your outreach.


Shopify Order Status URL in Conversations

Access a customer's Shopify order status page from Conversations. Simply head to the Customer Profile section inside Conversations and click which order status page you'd like to view.