Q: Where can I access the brand Sanpshot?

After logging into superadmin, to to the ‘view brands’ page, or use this link: https://www.emotiveapp.co/admin/view_brands 

Q: How do I interpret the integrations tab? 


This tab will let you know at a glance if an integration is broken. Green means we’re not seeing any errors, while red means we confirmed some errors. Please note that even if an integration is showing green, there could be something else wrong with it. When dealing with ecommerce integrations, it is also a good idea to check the order history tab to confirm it is working correctly.

Q: How will I know the integration is working correctly on the orders tab?

In the orders tab, you will see the last 10 orders, using your best judgement, see if they’re recent and consistent. If you’re seeing only 1 orders every few days, there could be something wrong with their setup. 

Q: What is the difference between opted in and mobile in the side card panel?

Opted in is anyone who has put in a number to be opted in. If we are able to confirm it is a landline, then we will not send to it like an active number. Though the number is successfully opted into receiving messages, we aren’t going to send to them, saving the brand money by not sending to invalid numbers. 

Q: Can I get broadcast statistics from the broadcast tab?

Not at this time, but you can always get an overview in a different part of superadmin. In the view brands page, you can go to the broadcast button at the top, and then search for the brand’s recent broadcasts. This will give you a rought idea of how well that broadcast performed. 

Q What tasks are available in the snapshot?

In the tasks tab, you can currently remove the vcard image, or change the brands ‘name’. Please note that their name here actually indicates the URL used for the brand for installation purposes. The main use of that button is to assist in switching ecommerce platforms after a brand installed, it won’t change their username. 

Q: Can I see past experience versions?

Yes you can. In the experience tab it will show every active experience. Each one will let you drill down into the ‘flow’ of different versions. While this is a text representation of the experience, you can confirm copy/logic on previous versions of experiences with out having to revert the live one.

Q: How do I download a segment CSV?

When you’re at the segment tab, you will see the user count on the right. Simply click that, and you will be able to download that segment. Please note that for some of our larger brands, this doesn’t always load correctly. You might have to try reloading the page a couple of times to access it.