This article will provide steps on integrating Unbounce with Zapier to send user data into Emotive.

Zapier Setup

Connect Unbounce

  1. Create Zap
  2. Select Unbounce > New Form Submission
  3. Authenticate Unbounce account
  4. Add trigger
  5. Select "Test Step" for each step created

Formatter by Zapier

  1. Select Action
  2. Formatter by Zapier
    • Event -> Numbers
    • Transform -> Format Phone Numbers
    • Input -> Select the Unbounce phone number
    • To Format -> Option 7 (No Symbols, National)

Webhooks by Zapier

  1. Select "+" icon to add another step
  2. Search for "Webhooks by Zapier"
    • Event -> "POST"  
    • URL ->
    • Add the following onto "Data" field
      • api_key
        • Navigate to Signups
          • Signup Flows
          • New Signup Flow
          • Create new Desktop Wisepop flow
          • Copy n paste api key to input in "Data" api_key field above.
      • cell_number
        • Input the number formatted in step 2 (this should be 10 digits)

You can now publish the Zap and are ready to go! Please feel free to reach out to Emotive Support here for any questions!